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iskythefic's Journal

Through the slash curtain...

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This is the fic journal for iskytheisk. It is friends locked, but please feel free to friend me and I'll return the favour.

Fics tend to stay in the Whose Line is it Anyway and related comedian realms, but can extend to QI, Top Gear, Mighty Boosh, or anything else that strikes my fickle fancy.

Fics are, however, for the most part, SLASH! This means homosexual and homoerotic relationships are depicted as innocently or graphically as I choose. If this isn't your thing, fair dos, but I suggest you seek another fic journal.

Comments and concrit are always appreciated - let me know what you liked, what you hated, and what I could do better!

Blurb over - enjoy! :)

The Award Shelf a.k.a. John Sessions Corner love him really!